Monday, July 28, 2014

Need to lose 50 pounds? Try this

If you need to lose 50 pounds and are really desperate, understand that the body holds fat because of something called inflammation. It is the inability to reduce inflammation body fat that is largely responsible for the fact that we have an obesity epidemic. The thousands of daily readers of this site in now over 10 countries are aware that tackling inflammation fat is the key to losing weight.  If you need to lose 50 pounds this article will explain how the specific combination of foods will cause the fastest weight loss.


The power of combining foods

Food is the most powerful weight loss tool when used in the correct way, when the specific combinations of foods are utilized the end result is a much thinner body in a very short time. Synergy is how to create a very healthy and fast weight loss, this means that health researchers have revealed that it is the specific combinations of foods which work together to dually remove excessive body fat. Few dieters are aware of the power of cherries, this website is read in over 10 countries daily because we reveal what other healthy sites do not. Cherries are one of the few foods to ever be shown which can literally target stomach fat

The 3 month study by the University of Michigan found that when subjects were fed tart cherries there was a reduction of almost 10 percent of belly fat over those fed a typical diet. What may be equally amazing is that dark red cherries consumption had a powerful ability to alter fat genes leading to weight loss.

As amazing as cherries are for fat loss we can show that combining it with yogurt creates a synergy affect, doubling the loss of body fat. Plain yogurt has a compound called probiotics which have been shown in numerous of studies to promote weight loss, the phyto-chemicals in the cherries combine with the yogurt to create an even more targeted weight loss.

Starting this now with a Cherry recipe

½ cup of almond milk ( or any milk you desire)


½ cup of water


1 ounce of real tart cherries (frozen or fresh)


½ cup of any nuts (nuts contain fats which do not promote weight but do stop hunger)


7 ice cubes


Put in blender and enjoy


If you need to lose 50 pounds( or any amount) the Swedish wedding group showed that it is the combining of very specific foods which create the fastest and healthiest weight loss, this is how the women were able to fit the dress



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