Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lose Weight Healthy Way

To lose weight in a healthy way is something that most people are seeking but very few ever really find, but this may all be changing thanks to science. For years television commercials have promoted useless diets which were not based on any scientific proof that they actually worked, those days may be over thanks to the Swedish.  If you want to lose weight the healthy way, the answer has been provided by Scandinavian researchers, combining the right foods causes the greatest fat loss.


The average cost of WeightWatchers and other commercial diets can cost more than a $1000 dollars a year, yet the success rate is less than half for people on these diets.  The bottom line is that most diets have been colossal failure; this is due to the fact that these meal plans have never been based on any real science.


Low fat myths


Low fat , artificial sweeteners and other gimmicks will not result in the reduction of any body fat, the method proven to becoming as thin as you would like is achieved by combining very specific foods together. The combination of the right foods creates a synergy affect leading to a double body-fat loss in half the time. To lose weight in a healthy way revolves around the precise combination of certain foods.



Since the low fat craze of the 1990’s Americans has actually become fatter, the supermarkets are lined with low fat foods which will never cause any reduction in body-fat. Recent studies show that it is actually “full fat dairy” which cause the greatest amount of body-fat reduction.



Whole fat Yogurt lowers body-fat


A study published in Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care revealed that, it is in fact whole fat that causes the body to reduce excessive pounds not low fat!


Whole fat milk, yogurt and cheese caused more weight loss in subjects than low fat dairy.  This test was repeated in children and the results were the same, whole fat beats low fat.


Lose weight healthy way


Published in Archives of Diseases in Childhood, from the British Medical Journal, concluded that low-fat milk was associated with more weight gain over time than whole fat.  Apparently, full fat has natural compounds which actual reduce body-fat.



"It really surprised us," study author Mark DeBoer, a pediatrician at the University of Virginia


South Beach, WeightWatchers and all the other TV diets have been promoting a dangerous low fat diet for years. These diets all cost $$thousands of dollars..every year.



Losing 10 pounds quickly with yogurt


Most people do not get any real benefits from yogurt, they use store bought yogurts which are low-fat and filled with artificial sweeteners; you will not lose any body-fat with store bought yogurt.


How to use yogurt to be thinner


                Buy plain whole fat yogurt( non sweetened and full fat)
                 Add blueberries
                      Sweeten with real raw sugar, raw honey or brown sugar


Blueberries cause a reduction in belly fat and when combined with the full fat yogurt the weight loss is doubled, this was shown in Sweden.


The complete Swedish diet with all the food combinations are now used in over 10 countries for people looking to lose weight in a healthy way.


Do not spend $$ thousands of dollars on commercial TV diet, for less than $20 dollars all the food combinations are available




Monday, November 10, 2014

Sugar, diet and weight loss what you need to know

People are not that knowledgeable about how sugar affects diet and weight loss, most people today have been taught that regular white sugars are horrible and do terrible things to the body but this is not the whole story.  The fact of the matter is that most people today are not eating old fashioned white sugars, they are actually eating high fructose corn syrup(HFCS), sadly, people are not aware that this substance is not the same as table sugar. If you are consuming high fructose corn syrup (HFSC) you will truly ruin your diet and weight loss goals.

It is everywhere

If you check the labels on just about any food today, beans, fruit, bread, etc what you will see is a substance called high fructose corn syrup has been added, HFCS does not have the same affect in the body as plain old white sugar. We will first state the obvious, too much of anything is not good (this includes whiter sugar) but high fructose corn syrup damages the body in a very unique way, it can alter your cells. While we were all sleeping in the 1980’s the food manufacturers (without our permission), switched out plain white sugar for a chemical creation called “high fructose corn syrup”, this was done (as usual) to save them money. The chemical composition of HFCS and table sugar is not the same. 

Regular sugar and no obesity crisi for over 100 years

People have been drinking soda for over 100 years and there was no obesity crisis until (HFCS) was added to the can, this is not a coincidence HFCS is not safe.

Shortening the lifespan

A new study last month revealed that in addition to weight gain, high fructose corn syrup actually shortens the lifespan!  HFCS is linked to cancer, diabetes, obesity and is now subtracting years from your life according to a new study.


The University of California San Francisco revealed the amazing information,
The shorter your telomere, the harder it is for a cell to regenerate — and so, the body ages, HFSCS speeds this up!

“We think we can get away with drinking lots of soda as long as we are not gaining weight, but this suggests that there is an invisible pathway that leads to accelerated aging, regardless of weight,”   said psychiatry professor Elissa Epel, senior author of the study.

Check the back of any canned food (or soda )and you will find high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  We are not suggesting that you stop eating all foods with HFCS because this would be virtually impossible today, it is in everything, but we do suggest that you drink no more than 2 cans a week ( if you must drink it at all)

Note: Diet soda is just a bad, all diet sodas are sweetened with chemicals linked to weight gain and diabetes!

The key to losing weight is by combining the right targeted foods; this causes the fastest and healthiest weight loss. The combination of the right targeted foods cause a synergy affect leading to fast fat loss and a thinner body.  Combining the right targeted foods is fun and it has worked in over 10 countries to make people thin fast.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Food to lose weight

When seeking the right food to lose weight it is well known that it is crucial to use foods which were shown to scientifically cause fat loss. With so many diets on the market which cause absolutely no significant loss of body fat, learning what works is crucial to your success. Food to lose weight works best when the foods create a synergy affect, the combination of foods is better than the single item.


How fat loss is achieved scientifically


Very few diets can actually produce what is know as a “significant loss of body fat”, if you are looking to lower body weight it is crucial that you use foods which cause a significant loss of fat. The best and fastest way to remove body fat is by combining the correct foods which will produce a synergy affect leading to great loss; this is what works for the thousand who read this site. When the précis foods are combined they works together to lower body-fat, this has been proven in countless of studies, food to lose weight can only work when the précis foods are combined to produce a significant weight loss.



One of the best foods to reduce body-weight in a short time is grapefruit; this fruit is scientifically proven to leads to less body-fat. Research which was recently published in the Journal of Medicinal Food (JMF) revealed the power of a small grapefruit for a large reduction in body weight. Researchers tested whole grapefruit, grapefruit juice or grape juice pills and the results were amazing; the whole grapefruit produced the greatest fat loss.   With no other changes in the diet at all, those who ate half a grapefruit 3 times a day before meals lost almost 5 pounds without changing anything in the diet, this is quite amazing. The juice produced half the results as the whole fruit and the pills were very weak.


Making this work better


When foods like whole grapefruit are combined with other foods which are shown to reduce body fat, a synergy affects is produced doubling the weight loss. This is all you need to know to be the size you would like to be. Food to lose weight works when the précis combination of foods is utilized to cause a significant loss of body fat. This is what the women in Europe did to lose the weight for the popular wedding.




Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Desperate to lose weight? The power of combining the right foods

If you are frustrated with dieting and are desperate to lose weight science makes it clear that it is possible. To eliminate the excessive body fat you should understand how combining the right foods cause a fast lowering of bodyfat. Food can be extremely powerful when used in the correct way. Sadly, most people are not aware of the way in which certain foods can create a much thinner body, if you are desperate to lose weight the answer from science is to use targeted foods in the right combination.



The power of Synergy


The combining of targeted foods is called synergy; the combination of the right food in the diet will cause a synergic affect lowering body fat and inflammation. There is no need to count calories, points or any other gimmicks that commercial diets advocate.


An example: The power of a yogurt and blueberries reveal a synergy affect, when dieters combined yogurt with blueberries an amazing thing occurred, body fat was significantly reduced over using each alone. Why did this work? We must look at the science


The University of Michigan shows that blueberries have a compound which can cause fat cells to become reduced; this is excellent information for someone looking to lose weight but you can take this much further. When combined in a plain yogurt the affects of the blueberries double because yogurt also arrest fat cells.  If you are desperate to lose weight the combining of the right food in the right diet causes the fat to come right off naturally, this is how those women in Europe lost the weight for the wedding.


The combining of the right foods caused a synergy affect and the women in the wedding party were able to drop 3 dress sizes.  This is what works.











Sunday, October 26, 2014

Need to Lose 10 pounds? A certain fruit can help

If you need to lose 10 pounds it is important that you understand the incredible power which reside in certain fruits, sadly, people turn to so many un-natural diets which produce very little results.  With more people seeking how to really drop the excessive body fat it is important to turn to science for real results, if you need to lose 10 pounds a certain fruit can help you get to your goal.


The key to getting as thin as you want to be is by knowing how to combine the right foods, this is the master key. When certain foods are combined they create a synergy affect, this means that they work together to remove body fat faster. Certain foods have very powerful phyto-chemicals which work against body fat, when utilized in the right diet these foods lead to weight loss, this is scientifically proven. If you need to lose 10 pounds it is crucial that you combine the right foods together, it will create amazing results.




A late night Low Carb snack that stops the cravings


Most of us are not sure what to eat at night; it is at these times that we may reach for the popcorn, pretzels or potato chips. One of the more delicious ways to stop the cravings is with cherries.  We are going to show you how to make a Cherry Delight in 5 minutes that stops hunger.




½ a cup of Almond Milk ( or regular milk)

½ a cup of water

3 teaspoons of sugar (or sweeten how you desire)

10 ice cubes

A hand full of any nuts

2 scoops of cherries (about 1 ounce)   Makes about 2 cups


Blend this all together, and then top it with Cherries, that’s it! This is amazing if you need to lose 10 pounds



The Science behind this smoothie


A 3 month program by the University of Michigan found that subjects fed rich tart cherries showed an amazing 10 % belly fat reduction over subjects fed a typical American Diet. The tart cherries contained compounds which arrested stomach fat quite amazingly.


The nuts stop hunger without adding fat on the body, it was once thought that nuts caused weight gain but research shows this is not true. Nuts actually stop hunger without adding fat in the body.

This was published on the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Combining nuts and cherries is a wonderful combination if you need to lose 10 pounds.


The proof that combining the precise foods for the fastest weight loss was revealed when women in Europe lost weight fast for a wedding by combining very targeted foods. The Wedding weight loss guide is used in over 10 countries for those who need to lose weight fast.






Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Diet for Wedding which works

The best diet for a wedding is something that many women are seeking, it is clear that a day this important must not be left to chance. What we have learned from science is that the fastest and healthiest way to lose weight is by combining the precise foods together which are proven to remove fat from the body; this has been proven in countless of research studies to cause the fastest weight loss.  A diet for a wedding is probably one of the most important things that a woman will seek in her life and losing the weight correctly is essential to looking healthy on the big day.


Are you the bride?


If you are the bride you want to look your best, those pictures are going to probably be around forever, it is important that a person lose the weight the right way not with tricks or dangerous pills, these tricks will actually make you look unhealthy. In actuality it really isn’t important if you are the bride or just attending the event, the bottom line is that you want to look your healthy best.


To successfully look your best means that your body fat reduction must be done in the correct way, the ultimate goal is the lowering of inflammation body fat in the fastest and healthiest way possible; this is what most people never achieve.  


Looking to Scandinavia for a thin body


The most successful diet for wedding came from Sweden; it is not surprising that these very healthy and beautiful people knew how to get into the dress. The reason that so many people were able to lose weight with the dieting plan (fit into the dress) is because of the fact that the secret of combining foods which would stimulate the loss of body fat worked.


The science behind the plan is based on research which shows that when certain foods are combined together it stimulates an amazingly fast and healthy loss of body fat. This is why the Swedish dieting plan works so well for women in Europe.






Monday, July 28, 2014

Need to lose 50 pounds? Try this

If you need to lose 50 pounds and are really desperate, understand that the body holds fat because of something called inflammation. It is the inability to reduce inflammation body fat that is largely responsible for the fact that we have an obesity epidemic. The thousands of daily readers of this site in now over 10 countries are aware that tackling inflammation fat is the key to losing weight.  If you need to lose 50 pounds this article will explain how the specific combination of foods will cause the fastest weight loss.


The power of combining foods

Food is the most powerful weight loss tool when used in the correct way, when the specific combinations of foods are utilized the end result is a much thinner body in a very short time. Synergy is how to create a very healthy and fast weight loss, this means that health researchers have revealed that it is the specific combinations of foods which work together to dually remove excessive body fat. Few dieters are aware of the power of cherries, this website is read in over 10 countries daily because we reveal what other healthy sites do not. Cherries are one of the few foods to ever be shown which can literally target stomach fat

The 3 month study by the University of Michigan found that when subjects were fed tart cherries there was a reduction of almost 10 percent of belly fat over those fed a typical diet. What may be equally amazing is that dark red cherries consumption had a powerful ability to alter fat genes leading to weight loss.

As amazing as cherries are for fat loss we can show that combining it with yogurt creates a synergy affect, doubling the loss of body fat. Plain yogurt has a compound called probiotics which have been shown in numerous of studies to promote weight loss, the phyto-chemicals in the cherries combine with the yogurt to create an even more targeted weight loss.

Starting this now with a Cherry recipe

½ cup of almond milk ( or any milk you desire)


½ cup of water


1 ounce of real tart cherries (frozen or fresh)


½ cup of any nuts (nuts contain fats which do not promote weight but do stop hunger)


7 ice cubes


Put in blender and enjoy


If you need to lose 50 pounds( or any amount) the Swedish wedding group showed that it is the combining of very specific foods which create the fastest and healthiest weight loss, this is how the women were able to fit the dress