Thursday, April 4, 2013

Desperate to lose weight? What really works

Researchers in Europe have identified what can help those who are desperate to lose weight, the reason for the inability of most people to drop the pounds is due to  inflammation. Inflammation causes the body to hold fat, there are million in the United States who are overweight and those who are desperate to lose weight must understand that obesity is an inflammatory illness, the foods today cause inflammation related body fat. The combination of the exact foods in the precise combinations cause fat to come right off the body fast, this is the key.

When a person is healthy insulin works well to allow glucose into your cells, this gives you a lot of natural energy. When a person is insulin resistant it means that their cells do not respond to insulin, the cells are insulin resistant, this is why so many people are not losing the weight or have diabetes. There are over 25 million of people in the United States today who are insulin resistant, there are many things which can cause this such as smoking,processed foods or food chemicals. Doctors have know for over 50 years that obesity is an inflammatory illness, if you are desperate to lose weight the answer is to use the precise combinations of foods together, when the right foods are combined it causes a double weight loss.  

The highly processed foods and the so-called healthy foods today create inflammation, insulin resistant and obesity. When researchers used a diabetic styled diet on people without diabetes the non- diabetics all lost significant fat!

Food Combinations and weight loss 

When women in Sweden were seeking how to lose weight to fit the dress for the popular television show researchers revealed that it is was food combinations which produce the fastest weight loss. When certain foods are combined it creates a synergy affect leading to double weight loss in half the time!

In just one of the recipes it was shown that blueberries which cause the body to reduce fat was stronger when combined with full fat yogurt, the combination was stronger than the single food, this is how the women lost all the weight for the wedding.  The combination of Blueberry sauce and Yogurt causes a synergy affect leading to double weight loss.

Those who are simply desperate to lose weight should simply combine the right foods together, this is causes the fastest weight loss in the shortest time, it worked for thousands. This was started in Europe and is now used in 10 countries. See the complete diet below from Sweden. 


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