Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Desperate to lose 20 pounds? What science says

With the summer approaching there are many who are desperate to lose 20 pounds, what many people have not discovered is that combining the right foods in the precise recipes causes the fastest weight loss. As the obesity crisis grows many are actively dieting but are not getting the results that they would like. We are in an obesity and diabetes crisis in much of the United States and Europe yet few people are aware that it is precise food combinations which create weight loss.  If you are desperate to lose 20 pounds the fastest and healthiest way to do this is by doing what the people of Sweden do, combining certain foods double fat loss. 

Young and thin

In the United States there are more than 25 million diabetics and over 80 who are considered clinically overweight. Some of the reasons people are not losing weight is because they are not informed about which foods actually cause fat to come off the body. Full fat dairy is fantastic for weight loss, when full fat dairy is used in the right diet you will become really thinner. If you are desperate to lose 20 pounds nothing will work faster than combining very specific foods together. 

The power of dairy fat to get thin

IN a remarkable study which was published in Sweden it was revealed that it is in fact full dairy fat which causes body-fat loss not low fat. In fact. low fat caused people to stop losing weight. Why does full fat cause a person to get thinner? dairy fats are know shown to have compounds which literally lower body fat. We have been throwing out this dairy fat to create skim milks and low fat yogurt but this has been doing more harm than good. There is nothing good about low fat foods.

How to get thinner know from the Swedish

Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, middle-aged men who consumed high-fat milk, butter and cream were significantly less likely to become obese over a period of 12 years compared with men who never or rarely ate high-fat dairy.

A recipe to be thinner now

Full fat yogurt causes great fat loss not low fat yogurt, when very dark berries were added the weight loss was doubled in half the time

3 Ingredients for stunning weight loss.

Full fat yogurt
Dark Berries
Raw sugar

If you are desperate to lose 20 pounds the key is to combine the right foods in the right recipes, this is the secret to Swedish weight loss. Over 10 countries now use these recipes to get really thin in a very short time.

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