Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to remove belly fat without exercise

It is possible to remove belly fat without exercise, most of the information that people share about stomach weight is not based on science. If you see articles that show you certain exercises that are designed to eliminate the flab around the waistline you should be aware that this will not work. If you do 10,000 situps a day you will not have a thin waist, the way to remove belly fat without exercise is achieved with combining the right foods.

The cause of larger waistlines

We are in the middle of an obesity and diabetes epidemic in the United States and much of Europe, the true causes of weight gain are inflammation and insulin resistance from our modern day food chemicals. The foods today are loaded with highly processed food chemicals which increase inflammatory weight gain.

Obesity is an inflammatory condition but few diets can reverse inflammatory obesity.  Studies reveal that inflammation caused by the standard American diet is the true cause of our expanding waistlines, researchers from The Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases and Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts revealed that adipose tissue accumulates around the waist is due to inflammation. 

The study explored the effects of inflammation in metabolic tissues including adipose, liver, muscle, pancreas, and brain; the conclusion was that inflammation is why we do not remove belly fat.

Inflammation from our modern day foods are encouraging increased bodyweight, this is why diets are failing.

The failure of exercise

There are more than 80 million in the United States who are overweight, studies show that more people are working out but we are still not reducing the stomach.  We have record numbers of gym memberships yet a rising obesity.  Many have become frustrated with little gym results, in addition to expensive trainers who often help produce very little change in their bodies. Exercise will not reverse the damaging effects of the highly processed food chemicals used today, until the body reverses the damage of food chemicals people will not remove belly fat regardless of exercise.

The only way to reverse stomach weight

1.Obesity is an inflammatory condition

2.Diabetes is an inflammatory condition

3.Excessive fat around the waist is an inflammatory condition

Specific Food combinations reduce belly fat and reduces inflammation fat

Why did this work? When very specific foods are combined it causes a synergy affect leading to double weight loss in half the time.  Yogurt is known to cause weight loss but combining yogurt with another food like blueberries doubled the weight loss! Combining the right foods create the healthiest body.

Here is just one food combination that can remove excessive weight in double the time


Adding blueberries increased yogurts natural weight loss affect, it is the combining of very specific foods that caused people to drop belly fat without exercise.

This is the most natural weight loss in the world and it works. Understand that all excessive body fat is an inflammatory condition which causes fat to stay on the body, combining very specific foods creates a thinner body naturally. 


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