Friday, July 26, 2013

What can help me lose weight? An answer

What can help me lose weight is probably the most often question we receive each week from our thousands of readers, University researchers have revealed what causes true loss of fat. It should be stated plainly that most diets simply will not work, despite the celebrities and TV commercials most diets will not cause any real results. If you are one of the many thousands who are asking “what can help me lose weight” we will address the true answer in this post.

Why you carry excessive fat on the body

The number one cause of excess body fat today is inflammation, we are a Nation that has been raised on food chemicals and processed foods which create tissue inflammation leading to excess body weight, a typical diet will not reverse this.. There are over 50 million people in the United States who admit to being on a diet and exercising but few are losing weight according to researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. The reason for the lack of weight loss is because simple diet and exercising does not stop inflammation causing fat. There are millions who have spent millions on gym memberships only to find out that it produced very little results. Here is what was quoted by researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation on the what can help me lose weight question.

“There has been a lot of progress on physical activity,” said Dr. Christopher Murray, lead author of the research, which was published in the journal Population Health Metrics. “To tackle obesity, we need to do this. But we probably also need to do more.Just counting on physical activity is not going to be the solution.”

A simple diet and exercising plan will not stop the true cause of weight gain today which is inflammation from processed foods, a secondary factor called insulin resistance will also stop people from losing excessive fat on the body.

The inflammation connection

Researchers at Methodist Hospital confirmed that it is in fact inflammation which is causing all our obesity today, Methodist Hospital reports that overweight mice and human fat cells are issuing false distress signals -- they are not under attack by pathogens but this still sends local immune cells into a tizzy, and that causes obesity related inflammation.

We are 100 million in the United States overweight, we are dieting and exercising but according to researchers this will not get us the results we want, only a diet created to reverse inflammation and insulin resistance was proven to reverse fat on the body significantly, this has worked in thousands in over 17 countries.

What can help me lose weight? The only way that has been proven scientifically is by reversing inflammation with a diabetic “style” diet. A diabetic style diet reverses tissue inflammation in people with or without diabetes, this has been proven in over 17 countries.

How did a diabetic “type” diet cause people without diabetes to suddenly drop body fat? A diabetic style diet reverse food chemical damage and cell inflammation. This University research is crucial to understanding excess body fat today, this is what researchers say causes permanent fat loss.

The European diet that reversed inflammation may be seen here A diabetic style diet causes fast weight loss in people witout diabetes


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