Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why is it so hard to lose weight? The answer

Why is it so hard to lose weight, I have been dieting and exercising for over 2 years and I still have belly fat. I lost some pounds in the beginning but it seem like my body fat will not go down”
John S.    

The lack of results from diet is a common complaint amongst dieters, they often cannot understand why dieting does not produce the results they would like. The reason why it is so hard to lose weight is because most people are not addressing the true cause which is inflammation.

Researchers have revealed in numerous of University studies that inflammatory related weight gain is the number one health crisis in the Western Hemisphere. When you understand how inflammation causes fat to hold on the body it will be clear why despite fancy ads and counting calories people are not losing weight. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study and concluded that inflammation negatively effects hormones and leads to obesity and diabetes. Inflammation causes hormones like leptin to fall leading to difficulty in losing fat. Inflammation also causes adiponectin levels to fall which will result in fat on the stomach despite dieting.

In humans, plasma adiponectin concentrations fall with increasing obesity, and this effect is greater in men than in women. Reduced adiponectin concentrations correlate with insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia:

Not address inflammation is one of the crucial mistakes that people are making in trying to drop excessive fat, the failure in addressing inflammation is why it is so hard to lose weight.

Inflammation is does not only cause weight gain but it also causes insulin resistance, million in the United States and Europe are insulin resistance. A problem of insulin resistance effects those with and without diabetes. Most of us are familiar with diabetics being insulin resistance but many who have a hard time losing fat also have cells which are insulin resistance.

The cause of our obesity related inflammation and insulin resistance body fat are processed foods.
The food today is highly processed and even eating healthy will not guard you against inflammation and insulin resistance, this is why it is so hard to lose weight.

There is a way to reverse this according to researchers in Europe.

A diabetic “style” diet has been known to reverse inflammation for over 60 years but it was not until very recently that this was tested on people without diabetes.

A Europe diet that was created for diabetics has produced a reversal of fat in people without diabetes, this worked because the diabetic style reverse inflammation in people with and without diabetes, all lost weight. The food today cause caused your inflammation and insulin resistance but a diabetic style diet causes people without diabetes to lose weight.


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