Monday, October 28, 2013

How to lose 60 pounds fast

How to lose 60 pounds? We are getting many different emails from people asking us the best way to drop various amounts of weight, the principle of losing significant bodyweight lies in addressing the inflammation from our modern day food supply. If you are like the millions of people worldwide who have failed at dieting this post will help you understand why the weight stays. How to lose 60 pounds? The key is to combine certain foods together, this is a secret that the Swedish have revealed. 

We have shown thousands of people in more than 10 countries that the food today is the root cause of all our excessive fat. The food makers, health industry, doctors and political establishment blame you for weight gain but it is really not your fault. The food today is a set up for obesity and weight gain, many in the food industry get rich of processed food chemicals which are now added to even the healthiest of foods. A recent study proves once again that it is the food makers who are purposely making you gain weight. If you really want to know how to lose 60 pounds the key is knowing the way to reverse the food makers poisons.

According to Elizabeth Kucinich, of Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, the food makers are playing a game and you get fat as they get rich.

What these food scientists have done is that they've gone to a lab and they've created these chemical concoctions that are very sweet, very fatty and very salty. And they call that the bliss point. Meaning they've created addictive foods that are going to get consumers hooked and they’re going to keep wanting to come back for more and more foods,” stated Kucinich

What is worst is that these foods cause inflammation related weight gain that dieting will not take off.

There are very few diets that can reverse the inflammation from our modern day food supply, obesity and diabetes are inflammatory illnesses and are directly related to the modern day processed foods. Processed foods go beyond simple so-called junk food, many of the natural foods today are now flooded with addictive chemicals which are purposely used to cause obesity and weight gain.

Fight back against the food makers and get your body back? Combining certain foods together can reverse body fat:

Combining the right food together cause double weight loss. reduces body fat; the combination of the right food causes you to be as thin as YOU chose to be. This is the scientific truth and it is how so many people have lost 60 pounds with this website in over 10 countries.

If you really want to know how to lose 60 pounds there is no other permanent and natural loss of body weight than combining certain foods together.

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