Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to lose 60 pounds without exercise

A question that we a received from a reader asked “How to lose 60 pounds without exercise”, she had discovered that thousands of people had lost sixty pounds with this website and wanted to know if any exercises were needed to lose the excessive inflammation body fat. Most people are now well aware that it is “inflammation body fat” that too many of us are carrying around today, we are simply too heavy. How to lose 60 pounds without exercise is an excellent question and as usual we will answer the question with real science for real weight loss.

Exercise in moderation can do many wonderful things for the body, but excessive exercise is a “stress” on the body and it is not healthy. Despite dieting programs “stress” pushing yourself to the limit, is not the best way to lose body fat; in fact, it can cause the weight to rebound right back in a very short time. Researchers at Arizona State University have revealed that exercise does not equate to weight loss!

Exercise has many benefits for the heart and other organs of the body but exercise does not equal less body fat.

We must turn to the world famous Mayo clinic to finally address the issue of exercise and weight loss.

In a stunning study they discovered that exercise does not equate to weight loss at all, the number one factor in weight loss is “Food”.  How to lose 60 pounds without exercise? First lets look at the Mayo Clinic study conclusion which proved exercise does not mean a thin body.

The study conclusion:

The Mayo Clinic, a not-for-profit medical research establishment in the US, reports that, in general, studies "have demonstrated that "an exercise regimen… is unlikely to result in short-term weight loss beyond what is achieved with dietary change."

Another study showed conclusively that exercise does not equal weight loss

Researchers from Arizona State University analyzed 81 overweight, sedentary women to find out how effective exercise is in regards to weight loss. The conclusion was that exercise improved overall health but did not cause weight loss.  

What Work to be Thinner? The key to losing sxity pounds is to combine certain foods together, Swedish researchers showed that full fat dairy causes stunning weight loss. We are speaking of whole milk, full fat yogurt, the compounds in full fat dairy reduces body fat.  When full fat diary is combined with dark berries there is a stunning lose of body fat( When using the full Swedish Diet).

Combining the right food together cause double weight loss. reduces body fat; the combination of the right food causes you to be as thin as YOU chose to be. This is the scientific truth and it is how so many people have lost 60 pounds with this website in over 10 countries.

How to be as thin as you want to be and lose 60 pounds

When European researchers combined full fat dairy with dark berries the combination was strong that using the foods separate

Combining the right foods together create a synergy affect leading to fast body fat reduction, this has been proven again and again.

Sample recipe from Swedish Thin Diet

1. 1/2  glass of whole milk

Image result for glass milk flow

2. Half a cup of blueberries

Image result for blueberries

3.  1 cup of whole fat yogurt

Image result for home made yogurt

This simple recipe contains more fat busting compounds than any other diet. The full Swedish Thin diet uses every day simple food, but you must combine them the right way!

The fat compounds in the full fat dairy decreases body fat but when mixed with the blueberry compounds the weight loss is doubled. This works! 

How to lose 60 pounds without exercise? 

Simply do step by step what the Swedish researchers did with this diet to get thinner. Get the full diet below.

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