Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lose Weight Healthy Way

To lose weight in a healthy way is something that most people are seeking but very few ever really find, but this may all be changing thanks to science. For years television commercials have promoted useless diets which were not based on any scientific proof that they actually worked, those days may be over thanks to the Swedish.  If you want to lose weight the healthy way, the answer has been provided by Scandinavian researchers, combining the right foods causes the greatest fat loss.


The average cost of WeightWatchers and other commercial diets can cost more than a $1000 dollars a year, yet the success rate is less than half for people on these diets.  The bottom line is that most diets have been colossal failure; this is due to the fact that these meal plans have never been based on any real science.


Low fat myths


Low fat , artificial sweeteners and other gimmicks will not result in the reduction of any body fat, the method proven to becoming as thin as you would like is achieved by combining very specific foods together. The combination of the right foods creates a synergy affect leading to a double body-fat loss in half the time. To lose weight in a healthy way revolves around the precise combination of certain foods.



Since the low fat craze of the 1990’s Americans has actually become fatter, the supermarkets are lined with low fat foods which will never cause any reduction in body-fat. Recent studies show that it is actually “full fat dairy” which cause the greatest amount of body-fat reduction.



Whole fat Yogurt lowers body-fat


A study published in Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care revealed that, it is in fact whole fat that causes the body to reduce excessive pounds not low fat!


Whole fat milk, yogurt and cheese caused more weight loss in subjects than low fat dairy.  This test was repeated in children and the results were the same, whole fat beats low fat.


Lose weight healthy way


Published in Archives of Diseases in Childhood, from the British Medical Journal, concluded that low-fat milk was associated with more weight gain over time than whole fat.  Apparently, full fat has natural compounds which actual reduce body-fat.



"It really surprised us," study author Mark DeBoer, a pediatrician at the University of Virginia


South Beach, WeightWatchers and all the other TV diets have been promoting a dangerous low fat diet for years. These diets all cost $$thousands of dollars..every year.



Losing 10 pounds quickly with yogurt


Most people do not get any real benefits from yogurt, they use store bought yogurts which are low-fat and filled with artificial sweeteners; you will not lose any body-fat with store bought yogurt.


How to use yogurt to be thinner


                Buy plain whole fat yogurt( non sweetened and full fat)
                 Add blueberries
                      Sweeten with real raw sugar, raw honey or brown sugar


Blueberries cause a reduction in belly fat and when combined with the full fat yogurt the weight loss is doubled, this was shown in Sweden.


The complete Swedish diet with all the food combinations are now used in over 10 countries for people looking to lose weight in a healthy way.


Do not spend $$ thousands of dollars on commercial TV diet, for less than $20 dollars all the food combinations are available





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