Friday, October 25, 2013

How to lose 80 pounds fast

How to lose 80 pounds quickly is based on the same science that helped people drop tremendous amount of body fat in 3 major studies. A correct approach to weight reduction which is based on scientific research will have the excess fat coming off the body much quicker that any fancy television commercials with highly paid entertainers. In this article, you will discover how to lose 80 pounds very fast without sacrificing eating real foods.

Why we carry so much fat today

The majority of our problems with excessive weight and body fat has to do with the highly processed foods of today. The foods today do a lot of harm to the cells of the body and this can result in difficulty lowering body fat. The highly processed foods of today cause increasing weight gain, in addition, they make the food makers very rich. These highly inflammatory foods keep you gaining weight because you become “predisposed” to weight gain, many get a slower metabolism and cannot lower body fat.

In a study which should should get your attention if you are wondering how to lose 80 pounds researchers revealed the gene connection and slow metabolism which we have spoken about on this site.

We have shown people the only scientific way to lose from 20 to over 150 pounds in over 17 countries.

In a study researchers revealed that it is in fact a slow metabolism why the weight keeps piling on despite dieting.

It was something that most of us didn’t quite believe could happen because there wasn’t much evidence for it until now,” said Professor Sadaf Farooqi of the University of Cambridge.
Up until now, the genes we have identified that control body weight have largely affected appetite. This gene also increases appetite but it is also causes a slow metabolic rate,” Professor Farooqi said.

What we are seeing in this case is foods which not only increase appetite but in addition slowing metabolism.

Much of the very processed foods today causes changes in the body leading to the inability to lose

We are suffering from inflammatory weight gain from our modern day foods, this is why dieting is a huge failure for over 85% of people. How to lose 80 pounds? The key to lowering body fat has been discovered by the Swedish, it is the exact combination of foods which resulting in stunning weight loss.

A delicious way to be thinner: Yogurt is linked to lower body fat but what most people are not aware of is the fact that is is whole fat yogurt which causes lower body fat. Low fat and no fat does not work as well according to researchers. Whole fat dairy has compounds that make a person thinner

Two new studies proved full fat dairy causes weight loss. A Swedish study of almost 2,00 people  in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care says that consumption of full-fat dairy products is correlated with a lower risk of developing central obesity – excessive weight gain around the belly. A separate and more recent meta-analysis of 16 relevant studies in the European Journal of Nutrition revealed the same results. .

We now know that there are healthy compounds in dairy fat, this does not mean that you should only consume unlimited amounts of dairy fat, the key is in food combining, this makes you really thin. We full fat yogurt was mixed with dark berries the fat reduction was doubled!

Just one of the Swedish Thin recipes which make a person very thin

Full fat yogurt is combined with dark berries resulting in a double lowering of belly fat according to researchers.

How to lose 80 pounds? there is no other permanent and natural loss of body weight than combining the right foods.


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