Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to lose a stone? The fast way

Those who are seeking how to lose a stone (about 5 pounds) the fast way should understand that the body will respond when given the exact nutrition. Most of the diet foods that people use will not get you thinner, it will not help. But, when the right foods are used in the correct combination you will be thinner. When seeking how to lose a stone or about 5 pounds it is best to stick with food combinations. This works every time and is why this site is so popular in 10 countries.


There is no need to count calories or any other counting methods, the body knows how to get thinner naturally. When the precise foods are used in the right combination, excessive body fat must be reduced, you will simply get thinner. Today more foods will list the amount of calories on the back; sadly this does not lead to any loss of body fat.


The body responses to specific nutrition in the right combination, this will lower the amount of fat on the body. When used in combination with other specific foods you simply get thinner. Researchers in Sweden have shown that it is the precise combination of the right foods which lead to a lower body fat. How to lose a stone or about 5 pounds real quick? Combine the right foods and your body does the rest.


Full fat is better than low fat


Dieters who rely on low fat foods are actually setting themselves up for more body fat.


Scandinavian researchers showed just last year that good fats are the key to a thinner body.  There are healthy compounds in “full fat dairy” which causes a reduction of body fat. 


What’s missing from your low fat food: To produce a low fat food, the manufacturers foolishly remove the healthy fat compounds; these natural fat compounds stimulate the body to burn more fat!  Last month more that 100,000 people saw where we revealed how full fat dairy causes more fat loss than low fat.


Most people are using yogurt in the wrong way. The yogurt makers remove all the good fat compounds so you can have a low fat yogurt. While the pro-antibiotics are still in the yogurt, the dairy fat which makes you thinner is removed! Why? Because people foolishly have been taught low fat is better. How to lose a stone or about 5 pounds? Simply combine the right foods together and your body automatically will drop fat.


The Swedish diet is still the most popular in Europe.







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