Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Desperate to lose weight? The power of combining the right foods

If you are frustrated with dieting and are desperate to lose weight science makes it clear that it is possible. To eliminate the excessive body fat you should understand how combining the right foods cause a fast lowering of bodyfat. Food can be extremely powerful when used in the correct way. Sadly, most people are not aware of the way in which certain foods can create a much thinner body, if you are desperate to lose weight the answer from science is to use targeted foods in the right combination.



The power of Synergy


The combining of targeted foods is called synergy; the combination of the right food in the diet will cause a synergic affect lowering body fat and inflammation. There is no need to count calories, points or any other gimmicks that commercial diets advocate.


An example: The power of a yogurt and blueberries reveal a synergy affect, when dieters combined yogurt with blueberries an amazing thing occurred, body fat was significantly reduced over using each alone. Why did this work? We must look at the science


The University of Michigan shows that blueberries have a compound which can cause fat cells to become reduced; this is excellent information for someone looking to lose weight but you can take this much further. When combined in a plain yogurt the affects of the blueberries double because yogurt also arrest fat cells.  If you are desperate to lose weight the combining of the right food in the right diet causes the fat to come right off naturally, this is how those women in Europe lost the weight for the wedding.


The combining of the right foods caused a synergy affect and the women in the wedding party were able to drop 3 dress sizes.  This is what works.












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