Sunday, October 26, 2014

Need to Lose 10 pounds? A certain fruit can help

If you need to lose 10 pounds it is important that you understand the incredible power which reside in certain fruits, sadly, people turn to so many un-natural diets which produce very little results.  With more people seeking how to really drop the excessive body fat it is important to turn to science for real results, if you need to lose 10 pounds a certain fruit can help you get to your goal.


The key to getting as thin as you want to be is by knowing how to combine the right foods, this is the master key. When certain foods are combined they create a synergy affect, this means that they work together to remove body fat faster. Certain foods have very powerful phyto-chemicals which work against body fat, when utilized in the right diet these foods lead to weight loss, this is scientifically proven. If you need to lose 10 pounds it is crucial that you combine the right foods together, it will create amazing results.




A late night Low Carb snack that stops the cravings


Most of us are not sure what to eat at night; it is at these times that we may reach for the popcorn, pretzels or potato chips. One of the more delicious ways to stop the cravings is with cherries.  We are going to show you how to make a Cherry Delight in 5 minutes that stops hunger.




½ a cup of Almond Milk ( or regular milk)

½ a cup of water

3 teaspoons of sugar (or sweeten how you desire)

10 ice cubes

A hand full of any nuts

2 scoops of cherries (about 1 ounce)   Makes about 2 cups


Blend this all together, and then top it with Cherries, that’s it! This is amazing if you need to lose 10 pounds



The Science behind this smoothie


A 3 month program by the University of Michigan found that subjects fed rich tart cherries showed an amazing 10 % belly fat reduction over subjects fed a typical American Diet. The tart cherries contained compounds which arrested stomach fat quite amazingly.


The nuts stop hunger without adding fat on the body, it was once thought that nuts caused weight gain but research shows this is not true. Nuts actually stop hunger without adding fat in the body.

This was published on the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Combining nuts and cherries is a wonderful combination if you need to lose 10 pounds.


The proof that combining the precise foods for the fastest weight loss was revealed when women in Europe lost weight fast for a wedding by combining very targeted foods. The Wedding weight loss guide is used in over 10 countries for those who need to lose weight fast.







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