Thursday, June 13, 2013

Desperate to lose belly weight

Those desperate to lose belly fat weight should know that researchers at the University of Buenos Aires have shown that excess fat around the waist is directly related to how well your body is using insulin. With the rise of the obesity epidemic there are more people on diets than at any other time but despite consuming less calories people are still not losing the fat. If you are one of the many who are desperate to lose belly weight an understanding of insulin will help you. If you are like the 100 million in the United States who are insulin resistance you probably have excess stomach fat

Less Calories but still fat

Center of Disease Control CDC researcher Cynthia L. Ogden,revealed that Americans are consuming less calories but the fat is not coming off, people are not losing the pounds. The excess fat around the waist is directly related to a common American problem today called “Insulin Resistance”

    In a health person insulin causes glucose to go into the cells which give you energy but this is not the case in almost 100 million people in the United States today, we are insulin resistant
    When you are insulin resistant the glucose does not go in the cells but instead floods the bloodstream causing adipose stomach fat, diabetes and obesity
    Processed foods are linked to our incredible rise in insulin resistant cells.
    Dieting does not reverse the damage from processed food leading to insulin resistance.

Researchers at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina studied 84 6- to 13-year-olds. The kids were weighed and had their heights and waist sizes measured. In addition, each child underwent blood tests, blood pressure measurements, and tests to measure the body's ability to process glucose.

The conclusion from the study is something that those who are desperate to lose belly weight should be aware of

According to the results of this study, waist measurements could help to identify kids at greater risk for developing insulin resistance.

We have all known people who are dieting, there is some initial loss of fat but the belly remains, all the sit ups in the world does not causes the loss of stomach fat.

There are over 70 million in the United States with Pre diabetes, over 25 million with full diabetes and over 50 million overweight, this is directly related to insulin resistance. We have cells that are immune to insulin so the glucose is flooding our bloodstream and causes diabetes and expanding waistlines. If you are desperate to lose belly weight an insulin resistance diet has been used to over 17 countries because it works. There is not other diets like this.  See here Insulin Resistant Diet causes the loss of fat


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