Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why you are not losing weight while dieting

For those who are dieting but not losing weight or over all fat the cause of the problem is the same in all people and it deals with insulin. We are basically an insulin resistant people today, what this means is that our good insulin which keeps us fat free is not going into our cells. According to the Center for Disease control there are over 80 million people in the United States who are insulin resistant, this is the cause of most fat on the belly. If you are dieting but not losing weight simply eating less does not leads to fat loss, if it was that simple we would all be thin.

Obesity in the United States and England

The key to understanding the booming obesity crisis is by observing what is happening to the children. Insulin is no longer going into the cells of our children and as a result they are getting fatter.

More than 3,800 five- to 19-year-olds were treated in 2009, up from 872 in 2000, researchers found.
Soaring numbers of them required drastic surgery because they were so fat, while dozens of pregnant teenagers suffered complications linked to their weight.
Researcher Dr Sonia Saxena said the study indicated the ‘burden of obesity’ was now manifesting itself in childhood.
She said: ‘We’ve thought of obesity as a “ticking time bomb”. This is among the first studies to show that the complications are occurring at a younger age.’

The key to weight loss

The key to weight loss resides in getting your body back in complete control over the food chemicals that have cause the obesity epidemic, when the body is healthy insulin takes glucose into the cells and you stay naturally thin, this was once the case why teens could eat whatever they wanted without getting fat; hormones like insulin was directing the glucose into the cells producing endless energy and a flat stomach. The teen today have been effected by the food chemicals are they are also insulin resistant, this is the cause of the teen obesity crisis, many teens are dieting and not losing weight.

Proof that a diabetes “Type” diet causes the fastest weight loss in the world. Researchers this week showed that skipping breakfast increased Insulin resistant making you fatter!

Here is the study conclusion: Skipping breakfast could temporarily induce insulin resistance in overweight women, according to a small new study.

"This information should help health care providers in counseling patients as to why it is better to eat a healthy, balanced breakfast than to skip breakfast," study researcher Elizabeth Thomas, M.D., an endocrinology fellow at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora, said in a statement.

For those dieting and not losing weight this is crucial information.

Skipping breakfast stopped the good insulin from putting the glucose in the cells, this caused weight gain !

Only an insulin resistance diet reverses insulin resistance. A Diabetes “Type” diet causes weight loss in people WITHOUT diabetes. This worked in 17 countries 



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