Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I am Desperate to lose weight...What really works

I am desperate to lose weight, what really works? This was the question that we received recently from one of our thousands of readers, it is clear from science that the key to weight loss is in your good insulin. Insulin is a hormone that that is responsible for keeping you thin. Most diets fail because people have been raised on processed food chemicals that have made them insulin resistant; University studies confirm that insulin is the hormone that keeps fat off the body. If you are one of the many saying “ I am desperate to lose weight”, this article will show you the way to melt fat off the body.

A Nation of Insulin resistant people

Today over 80 million people in the United States are Insulin resistant, this means that their cells are not accepting glucose for energy. When a thin person eats, Insulin guides Glucose into their cells for energy. See below

Insulin_________Glucose_________Cells = Energy

This is not the case with over 80 million people today, we are dieting but our cells are not receiving the glucose for energy. The cells are rejecting the glucose, the glucose has to go somewhere and it ends up in your bloodstream and you get fat. Why won't our cells take the glucose that insulin is sending? Why are we insulin resistant? The reason we are have an obesity crisis is because we have been feed poisons like high fructose corn syrups and other processed foods, you can diet until you are blue but until your cells accept that glucose from insulin you will not lose weight.

I am Desperate to lose weight

Here is an illustration of your healthy insulin sending glucose into the cell but notice the cell will not accept the glucose! this is why the fat will not come off the body, this is what leads to diabetes.

How bad is this problem today? Amazingly researchers in Europe have revealed that 5 year old girls are already developing cells that will not accept the glucose from the Insulin! We have a new generation of fat kids who have cells that resist insulin. See the illustration below, the cells refuse to let the glucose into the cell, this is caused by processed foods. 

The study of 300 youngsters in Plymouth found that 26 per cent of girls were overweight and showing signs of developing a resistance to insulin - a hormone essential for the body to absorb glucose from food and turn it into energy.

A 'close correlation' between obesity and insulin resistance emerged - the heavier the child, the greater the resistance. You now have a good insight as to why you are not dropping fat by dieting.

If you are one of the 80 million saying I am Desperate to lose weight, there is some good news;when doctors used a diabetic diet created for diabetic on people “with” or “without” diabetes everyone lost weight. This is simply because when you reverse insulin resistance you become thin naturally , this worked in 17 countries for those without without diabetes


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