Sunday, January 5, 2014

Diet and Exercise but still obese

“Dieting and exercising but I am still obese” This is the latest letter that we received from a Mother who is having difficulty losing the weight that she has gained when she was pregnant; this is not an isolated case. There are literally millions of people who are dieting and exercising but are still not losing any significant body weight, our e mailer has tried various diets but is still obese. In this post we will show you how to reverse this dilemma with a little knowledge from health science.

A crisis with no end?

It is clear from a new study published in Health Trend Magazine that the obesity crisis is increasing, the increase in weight is not because people are not dieting; the fact of the matter is that their celebrity diets are not working. All the popular diets on television are simply not very effective and there is a medical explanation why your diet is probably going to fail you. It is clear that we do have a serious obesity crisis and the effects are causing shortened lifespan, heart attack and stroke in younger people.

The  study released last week highlighted the stunning numbers of people who are overweight

Almost 70 percent of adults are overweight or obese, with every state reporting that at least 20 percent of the adult population is obese, according to a report by the Trust for America’s Health and another from the Institute of Medicine. What is clear is that it is imperative to do something quickly to save your life.

Still obese?

Until you address the true cause of  our obesity  you will not lose the fat, there are over 100 million people in the United States who are overweight and this is causing increased kidney failure and breathing problem.

The obesity crisis is not from eating McDonald’s everyday, the foods today are processed and manufactured without chemicals which is causing increasing inflammatory obesity.  You must know that the the foods today are a set up for inflammatory weight gain, the so-called health foods are lying labels which sneak processed food chemicals into the so called healthy foods.

All fat is caused by inflammation

It is well known that Obesity is an inflammatory illness but few know that the inability to drop body fat is also an inflammation condition. Most diets do nothing against the fat causing inflammation from our modern day processed food chemicals. You may think you are eating healthy but if you are not addressing the inflammation you are probably still obese.

Lies on TV commercial diets

Celebrities and Models are paid a lot of money to lie and smile, they want you to believe that you can look like them if you use their diet but this is a lie. Few diets can address the real cause of obesity which is the inflammation from our modern day foods.

What does science not Tv commercials shows to cause real fat loss in the fastest time? 

Using a diabetic diet on people without diabetes stop the inflammation and caused real fat loss.

A specialized diabetes diet in Europe reversed the inflammation causing body fat from our modern day manufactured foods, this caused the body to drop fat fast in people with or without diabetes. Why would a diet that was created for diabetics cause people without diabetes to lose so much body fat? The answer is most diets cannot stop the inflammation from our modern day food supplies but the European diabetic style diet did! The European diabetic diet reversed the damage from our modern day processed foods and the weight came off.

If you have tried various diets with no success it is abundantly clear that you must address inflammation. The original diet created for diabetics is now used by people without diabetes in over 17 countries for fast loss of body fat. If you are still obese this is science not celebrities.


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