Thursday, December 26, 2013

Which diet pills work best? They may take your life!

For those who are wondering which diet pills really work best it should known that a new University study shows that many of these pills are ineffective and can lead to loss of life. The obesity crisis is continuing to increase and this is forcing people to seek unhealthy methods to lose the weight, when you learn how the body works it will be clear that there is no reason to risk a heart attack by taking a weight loss pill. Which diet pill works best? In this post we will give you the truth on these pills and then show you the best way to naturally drop the body fat.

According to a study published a few years ago in the New England Journal of Medicine over 3 billion dollars was spent on weight loss pills but the more amazing statistic shows that the vast majority did not work! A University of Oregon State study revealed the shocking results

Melinda Manore, an Oregon State University researcher, reviewed the evidence surrounding hundreds of weight loss supplements and found no evidence that any single product results in significant weight loss. "for most people," Manore says, "unless you alter you diet and get daily exercise, no supplement is going to have a big impact."

Which diet pills worked after studying hundreds..NONE!

The reason this is the case is because none of these drugs address the true cause of why your body does not drop the fat. Obesity and the inability to lose fat is an inflammatory condition. Obesity is an inflammation disease and this is why most diets fail, most diets cannot reverse the inflammation from our modern day processed food chemicals. The foods today are manufactured with processed food chemicals that create weight gain, this is scientifically proven and it is why diets do not work for most people. These pills make a weak but dangerous attempt to block carbs or speed your metabolism and the results are often deadly. Diet pills do not address inflammation in fact they can cause more inflammation!

Dangerous pills

This year a British young woman just 23 years old lost her life trying to lose weight with diet pills. This is not an isolated case, these pills do un-natural things to the body in an attempt to force weight loss and they still do not work!

The diet pills try to “Force” fat loss by putting the body into a hypermetabolic state and this comes with side effects like hyperthermia, organ failure, plus damage to the heart and nervous system. Which diet pills work? According to the Oregon study the answer is none.

How to lose weight by science

Excessive fat on the body is an inflammatory condition, the foods today cause inflammation related weight gain but few diets can reverse our modern day inflammation.

What does work

It is not so simple as just “eating healthy”, millions do this and are still overweight; the bottom line is that inflammation must be reversed! The only way to lose the fat has been proven scientifically, reversing inflammation with a diabetic “styled” diet reverses inflammation.

Diabetic styled diet caused fast fat loss in NON diabetics

A diabetic style diet reverses fat holding inflammation in people with or without diabetes causing weight loss , this has been proven in over 17 countries.

Why would a diabetic “styled” diet cause people without diabetes to drop significant body fat ? A diabetic style diet reverses processed food chemical damage and inflammation. This is natural weight loss from science not diet pills

This is how people in 17 countries desperate for weight loss did it


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