Thursday, December 12, 2013

Desperate for weight loss? An Answer

Those who are absolutely desperate for weight loss must learn that most diet and exercise plans do not achieve any significant drop of body fat. An Australian University study has revealed what so many of us have already figured out, dieting and a gym membership does not necessarily equal a changed body; despite tons of diets on the market studies reveals that obesity is on the rise. If you are desperate for weight loss this post will address what needs to be done to achieve a significant change in body weight.

Diets fail again according to researchers

A study from Adelaide University has revealed that an amazing 95% of diets end up failing, this is an incredible result. Diets are failing.

Associate Professor Amanda Page from the University's Nerve-Gut Research Laboratory says only about 5 per cent of the population actually manage to maintain a lower body fat after a diet.

"They in fact actually gain within two years plus some more,"

We have revealed time and again on this site (Which is now read in 10 countries) that addressing inflammation from today's foods is the best solution for those who are desperate to lose weight; this is what helps our readers reverse fat. All excessive fat on the body is an inflammatory condition which is due to our horrible processed food today.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that it is in fact inflammation that causes increasing adipose tissue (excessive fat on the body that dieting does not remove)

They concluded:
The enlarged adipocytes of obese individuals recruit macrophages and promote inflammation and the release of a range of factors that predispose toward insulin resistance.

Adipocytes release hormones that, in lean individuals at least, modulate body fat mass, as a person gets heavier and the adipocytes enlarge, these control mechanisms become dysregulated, macrophages accumulate in the adipose tissue, and inflammation ensues

Modern day obesity, inflammation and our food

The food makers create obesity today with excessive highly processed food chemicals which create inflammatory body fat. The foods today are not the same as our grandparents ate, our highly processed food chemicals cause the body to hold fat.

If you are desperate for weight loss then you must attack inflammation from our modern day food but this is what 90% of diets cannot do.

The average commercial diet does nothing to address inflammation from our modern day foods.

Most diets do not reverse the damage from food chemicals, it is not so simple as just “eating healthy”, millions do this and are still overweight; the bottom line is that inflammation must be reversed! The only way to lose the fat has been proven scientifically, reversing inflammation with a diabetic “styled” diet reverses inflammation.

Diabetic styled diet caused fast fat loss in NON diabetics

A diabetic style diet reverses tissue inflammation in people with or without diabetes causing weight loss , this has been proven in over 17 countries.

Why would a diabetic “styled” diet cause people without diabetes to drop significant body fat ? A diabetic style diet reverses processed food chemical damage which caused obesity related inflammation.

This is how people in 17 countries desperate for weight loss did it


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