Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What are the risks of Gastric bypass surgery? Don't do it

What are the risks of gastric bypass surgery? For many the result can be a loss of life, with the obesity crisis not slowing down many are resorting to this very dangerous operation which can leave your body in a worst condition than before having the operation. What many people are not aware of is that this procedure can come with very serious complications, what are the risks of gastric bypass surgery some people never feel normal again after the surgery.

The horror stories

What many doctors are not informing patients of are the terrible consequences of the weight loss operation. There have been many reports of continual involuntary vomiting after each meal, tissue bleeding and continual deep stomach cramping. The complications of the surgery are also linked to deaths, in just one of many cases, a woman in England died as a result of the weight loss operation.

The cause of death

The tube that goes from the mouth to the stomach was swollen and food had built up all the way to the throat," Dr. Hugh Jones, the Royal Cornwall Hospital pathologist who performed the autopsy, told the inquest, according to the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

What are the risks of gastric bypass surgery...Loss of life!

According to Dr Jones "Your esophagus is the size of a little finger, but hers was as big as her stomach. ... I considered the food had blocked off her breathing, and that was the cause of death."

There is no need for this very dangerous operation, no amount of weight loss is worth the loss of your life, what is even worst is the fact that studies show the weight from the operation returns in most people over a very short time. A recent University showed that diabetes and weight often return after having the operation.

WRAL news in North Carolina reported on Stacey Ruffin who had a rough time after the operation.
Six years after she got gastric bypass surgery, eating became uncomfortable for Stacey Ruffin and she started to gain weight.
"I noticed that when I would digest my food ... something just wasn't right," Ruffin said.
In Ruffin's case, doctors brought her stomach pouch from about the "size of a juice glass" to that of "a silver dollar," Holup said.

Better than surgery, reverse the true cause of the weight gain..inflammation

The proliferation of modern day processed foods have caused a huge rise in inflammation related health conditions. Eczema, heart disease,diabetes and obesity are all inflammation illnesses, the Standard American diet is linked to inflammation related obesity. The failures of most commercial diets are due to the fact that most diets do not address inflammation, the majority of calorie restricted diets do nothing to stop inflammatory weight gain from our modern day foods, if you are not addressing inflammation the weight will not come off.

Addressing inflammation is better and safer than any operation

How to drop body fat today

Due to the prevalence of processed foods our normal fat cells have been altered, we are now genetically passing obesity to our children but this can be reversed. When researchers in Europe used a diabetic styled diet created to reverse inflammation and insulin resistance on people without diabetes all lost significant fat.

Why would a diabetic styled diet work on people without diabetes?

Researchers have known for over 50 years that a diabetic style diet caused weight loss in overweight diabetics but it was not known this would work on people without diabetes. Obesity people simply loss weight naturally.

A diabetic styled diet reverses the inflammation from our horrible processed foods, this causes natural fat loss.

What are the risk of Gastric bypass surgery? We have seen that some women experience menstrual like pain and cramping that does not go away. There is no need for an operation when you can address inflammation safely.


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