Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why am I fat? I am dieting

A common question from people who are dieting is “why am I still fat?”, the answer is clear from science why people are not losing weight even while on a diet. In this post we will explore why people are not achieving the results that they would like even though they are eating less and exercising more. If you are overweight it is important to know that this can be reversed when addressed the problem in a scientific way, never give up hope. The question “Why am I fat?” is a very good one and there is also a very good answer from science.

How did we get so overweight?

There is an extremely dangerous trend of rising obesity in the United States, it is affecting adults and children and the results can be fatal. There are incredible numbers of children who are seriously overweight, according to University of Minnesota Medical School "Severe obesity in young people has grave health consequences," said Aaron Kelly, a researcher at the University of Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis. "It's a much more serious childhood disease than obesity.". What we are witnessing in much of the United States is a level of weight gain that is causing scary health complications such as heart disease in very young people.

Why am I fat?

The number one reason for obesity and the inability to lose weight today is due to inflammation from processed foods. We have a generation of young people who have been raised on processed foods which are linked to an increase in numerous of health complications. Heart disease, diabetes, ADHD as well as the inability to lose weight are all linked to the incredible amounts of processed foods in the diet. There are stunning amounts of inflammatory related obesity cases in adults and children today, the proliferation of food chemicals and processed food have caused an explosion of inflammation related weight gain. 

If you are carrying hard to remove belly fat it is due to inflammation from our modern day foods.

A diabetic “styled” diet reverses inflammation,  a diabetic styled diet causes weight loss in people without or with diabetes. This is not a sugar free diet but a diet that heals the body by reversing inflammatory weight gain. This is the scientific answer to the “Why am I fat?” question. 

There is no other permanent and natural loss of body weight than by reversing inflammation which is caused by our modern food chemicals, this has caused a reversal of bodyfat in over 17 countries 


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