Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How obese people lose weight, The Answer

Researchers from a major University reveal that there is a way that will help obese people lose weight and it is based on recent scientific health research. There are a very alarming number of people who are carrying excessive amounts of fat on the body, despite the tremendous numbers of people who are dieting most are still not losing enough body fat. Science explains that the majority of diets do not work to cause any significant loss of fat, but a new study shows that addressing inflammation is how obese people can lose weight

Most diets simply do not work from a scientific prospective, the majority of bodyweight that people lose on a typical diet is water not fat. The body is more than 70% water and when people restrict calories their water levels go down but the fat remains.

The reason why people gain back bodyweight so quickly from the majority of diets is because there was never any real loss of fat, only water, the water that was lost is eventually replaced when you rehydrate.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have revealed how obese people can really lose weight; the answer involves “inflammation”.

Most of our weight gain today is due to inflammation from processed foods, a simply low fat diet cannot reverse inflammatory obesity.  Think of the millions of people dieting and few are getting any real results, in fact, we are usually surprised when a diet actually works.  If you have a hard time dropping the pounds you are not alone over 80% of people today who are overweight have inflammatory related obesity. The reasons diets do not work is because they do not reverse inflammation which causes obesity.  

Obesity has been shown to lead to functional and morphological damage to remote tissues via circulating factors.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania showed that it is in fact inflammation why we cannot drop the excessive bodyweight today.

They concluded:

Mechanistic studies have revealed numerous fat-derived molecules and a link to inflammation that, together, are hypothesized to underlie the obesity-diabetes connection and thereby represent prospective targets for therapeutic intervention.

It is clear that inflammatory obesity from our modern day food supply is why we are not dropping the excessive fat on our bodies. There is a way to reverse inflammatory fat.

Researchers showed how obese people lose weight with a diabetic style diet.

People without diabetes were shown to lose bodyweight quick when they used a diabetes style diet, the reason this causes the reversal of obesity is due to the fact that the diabetic styled diet reversed insulin resistance and inflammation.

This is not a simple sugar free diet, in fact, the people who lost the most weight did have sugar but the key was that the diabetic style diet reversed inflammatory fat.

The diabetic style diet caused people with or without diabetes who could previously not drop the excessive fat to experience fast and natural loss of fat. There is no other permanent and natural loss of bodyweight than by reversing inflammation which is caused by our modern food chemicals, this is how obese people lose weight.


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