Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to eat healthy, the only thing you need to know

How to eat healthy is a huge problem today due to the fact that there is so much misinformation about what is good food. A University study by health researchers has revealed that the majority of diets simply do not work, people are making an effort to lose weight but the vast majority will not achieve any significant change in body weight. A study from a major University revealed what most of us already knew, dieting simply does not work for most people. Knowing how to eat healthy is extremely important but most are not aware of the right way to diet.

Over 80% of all diets fail the dieter, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, examining 31 weight-loss studies found long-term dieting doesn't keep the pounds off. While people can lose weight initially, many relapse and regain the weight they shed. The reason for the failure is due to the fact that our excess fat today is caused by inflammation, over 100 million in the United States suffer from inflammation related body fat, this is also genetically transferred to children. Many of our children are set up to become overweight due to inherited inflammatory obesity. Learning how to eat healthy means reversing our modern day inflammation, it is crucial to reverse inflammation from processed foods to get a fit body.

A Generation of inflammation

We have an epidemic of diabetes, obesity, ADHD, and Eczema today due to inflammation, processed foods cause inflammation related health complications and weight gain. We are a generation that has been raised on processed foods and this has created inflammation related body fat, the reason most diets do not work is due to the fact that most diets do not reversed inflammation from processed foods. It is clear from numerous of studies that it is indeed inflammation which causes the body to hold fat, this is what most dieters never discover, inflammation is why millions are frustrated with their lack of weight loss. Inflammation is the true culprit behind our childhood obesity crisis, it is genetically passed on to our children from processed foods and food chemicals.

How to lose weight from University researchers

Scientists in Europe have made it clear from studies with diabetics that a diabetic “style diet can reverse inflammation naturally and causes weight loss in people who do not have diabetes. Only a diabetic 'style” diet has been shown to reverse inflammation from processed foods, this is how to eat healthy. A diabetic style diet causes people without diabetes to lose weight, this has been shown in 17 countries to reverse inflammatory fat on the body. Revering inflammation from processed foods is how to get healthy today. The inflammation must be addressed or your diet will continually fail. This has been proven to work on people with or without diabetes in over 17 countries


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