Friday, October 4, 2013

What is the quickest way to lose weight? An Answer

What is really the quickest way to lose weight; this is a question that was recently asked at a health conference in Helsinki. The obesity epidemic has many people seeking different ways to lower their body fat but a recent study which was published in the Los Angeles Times has revealed that most diets simply do not work. For this post we will address what is the quickest way to lose weight; we will focus on what science says the solution to the problem and what really works.

There are many diets on the market but few have really been shown to work against body fat, according to health researchers dieting for most people simply will not work. A study, led by UCLA associate professor of psychology Traci Mann, examined 31 long-term, doctor-administered diet studies as part of the most comprehensive and rigorous analysis to date of the prolonged effects of calorie-restricted diets. What the study found out is that dieting does not lead to long term bodyweight loss.  “We concluded most of them would have been better off not going on the diet at all," Mann said.  What is the quickest way to lose weight? The answer involves inflammation; most of our inability to lose bodyweight today is due to our modern day processed foods which cause inflammatory obesity.

The standard American, Australian and English diet cause inflammatory body fat that does not leave so easily; few diets can reverse the inflammation from our modern processed foods.  Even the so called healthy foods today are often high processed and filled with dangerous food chemicals.
Reverse the inflammation to lose fat fast
Researchers in The Netherlands linked inflammation to our obesity crisis; they concluded that it is in fact inflammation behind our inability to drop the fat off the body, we conclude this is why dieting fails.

The study conclusion

 Human adipose tissue expresses and releases the proinflammatory cytokine interleukin 6, potentially inducing low-grade systemic inflammation in persons with excess body fat.

It is clear that inflammation from our modern diet is causing our dieting to fail

How to beat away the fat and make your diet work faster?

A diabetic styled diet reverses inflammation and causes the fastest natural loss of body fat
If you are carrying hard to remove body fat it is due to inflammation from our modern day foods.

A diabetic “styled” diet reverses inflammation; a diabetic styled diet causes weight loss in people without or with diabetes. This is not a sugar free diet but a diet that heals the body by reversing inflammatory body fat. This is the quickest way to lose weight and keep it off

There is no other permanent and natural loss of body fat than with reversing inflammation which is caused by our modern food chemicals; this has caused a reversal of bodyfat in over 17 countries 


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